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Meet Jovica

We can either be proactive or reactive, the choice is ours.

Jovica Djurdjevic

Husband, entrepreneur, podcaster & speaker.

I've spent the last decade in sales and communication consulting working with everyone from Start Ups and Enterprise businesses, to private equity groups and commercial real estate funds.

Speaking with these leaders and executives at all levels of sophistication I have come to believe that there is a direct disconnect in the way we want to communicate as humans, and the way businesses seek to connect with their clients and costumers.

It is obvious that many conversations are not being had due to outdated modes of reaching the intended audience.  "Logos Wave" was started in order to give leaders the opportunity to tell their stories and empowering other's to learn. 


There is no need to constantly re-invent the wheel. We can either speak to each other or past each other.  I firmly believe that as a society we can either be proactive or reactive, the choice is ours. 

It's obvious which option is going to yield the more favorable results. The mission of this company and our podcasts is to actively disrupt the current communication paradigm and offer new efficiencies to leaders of all background.

I hope you enjoy the journey.

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