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Meet Jovica

We can either be proactive or reactive, the choice is ours.

Jovica Djurdjevic

Husband, entrepreneur, podcaster & speaker.

With over a decade of experience in finance, sales and media, I have worked with a diverse range of clients, from startups and enterprise businesses to private equity groups and commercial real estate funds.

Through my work with leaders and executives at all levels of sophistication, I have observed a direct disconnect between the way we want to communicate as humans and the way businesses seek to connect with their clients and customers.


To bridge this gap, I founded Logos Wave, a boutique communication and strategic planning firm that empowers leaders to tell their stories and offers new efficiencies to individuals and organizations of all backgrounds.


I am committed to disrupting the current communication and business planning paradigm and helping clients achieve their goals through effective planning and strategies. With Logos Wave, there is no need to constantly reinvent the wheel - we can speak to each other and achieve our desired outcomes.


I hope you enjoy the journey.

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